Legal Compliance


Texas Legal Compliance

Texas Statute:
Texas Occupations Code, Title 10, Chapter 1702.104, Subchapter A (Private Security Act)

(a)  A person acts as an investigations company for the purposes of this chapter if the person:
(1)  engages in the business of obtaining or furnishing, or accepts employment to obtain or furnish, information related to:
(A)  crime or wrongs done or threatened against a person, state, or the United States;
(B)  the identity, habits, business, occupation, knowledge, efficiency, loyalty, movement, location, affiliations, associations, transactions, acts, reputation, or character of a person;
(C)  the location, disposition, or recovery of lost or stolen property; or
(D)  the cause or responsibility for a fire, libel, loss, accident, damage, or injury to a person or to property;
(2)  engages in the business of securing, or accepts employment to secure, evidence for use before a court, board, officer, or investigating committee;
(3)  engages in the business of securing, or accepts employment to secure, the electronic tracking of the location of an individual or motor vehicle other than for criminal justice purposes by or on behalf of a governmental entity; or
(4)  engages in the business of protecting, or accepts employment to protect, an individual from bodily harm through the use of a personal protection officer.
(b)  For purposes of Subsection (a)(1), obtaining or furnishing information includes information obtained or furnished through the review and analysis of, and the investigation into the content of, computer-based data not available to the public.  The repair or maintenance of a computer does not constitute an investigation for purposes of this section and does not require licensing under this chapter if:
(1)  the review or analysis of computer-based data is performed only to diagnose a computer or software problem;
(2)  there is no intent to obtain or furnish information described by Subsection (a)(1); and
(3)  the discovery of any information described by Subsection (a)(1) is inadvertent.


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