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Data analysis can uncover information dramatically impacting an investigation or litigation.

Our forensic examiners use the most sophisticated forensic tools available. When these are combined with years of expertise and strong methodology, we can recover deleted files and retrace the activity of users across a myriad of media devices.

We go beyond basic search capabilities, utilizing data mapping in conjunction with keyword and Boolean search functions.

Our clients count on us to recover hidden data, often which is intentionally deleted or overwritten. Our experts know that most deleted data inhabits storage media in one form or another, including metadata. We can discern from deleted files valuable information including file signatures, authors, creation and modification dates and times.

Several factors impact the time required to complete data analysis, including the types of analytical processes; the types of computers (servers, laptops, tablets or workstations); hard drive sizes, hard drive speeds, the amount of electronic data to be analyzed and the number of key words submitted for recovery.

No other experts can provide your firm with quicker, better, or more complete results. Our professional team is prepared to testify competently in any venue to the facts we reveal through data analysis.

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