Computer Forensics


Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is the science of preserving and examining digital data on computer and other technological devices such as data servers, flash drives, SD cards, cellular phones, digital recorders, and GPS units.

Computer forensics can be applied to just about any type of case that requires the preservation of evidence, analysis, and interpretation of electronic data. For example, computer forensics is used in corporate investigations and in civil matters related to embezzlement, theft of proprietary information, conflict of interest matters, commercial bribery cases, and unauthorized use of Company property by employees. Law enforcement uses computer forensics to solve criminal matters, including fraud, rape, kidnapping, child pornography, and even murder cases.

Computer forensic examiners can quickly become inundated by the amount of electronic data stored on a computer device, which is why Diversified Risk Management works closely with its clients to create specific keyword lists that aid our forensic examiners in their search for pertinent data in a quick and cost effective manner.

In most circumstances, experienced computer forensic examiners have the ability to recover deleted text files, e-mails, pictures, intentionally hidden data and electronically stored information (ESI).

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