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Types of Cell Phone Forensics Cases

Litigation Support

During the discovery phase of litigation, we are often asked to image and review personal and work computers. With growing frequency, we are asked to do the same with cellular phones. Our experts can obtain a plethora of data from mobile phones, including:

  • Date, time, language, and other phone settings,
  • Phonebook/Contact information,
  • Text messages,
  • Dialed, incoming, and missed call logs,
  • Electronic mail,
  • Photos,
  • Audio and video recordings,
  • Multi-media messages,
  • Instant messaging activities,
  • Internet Activities,
  • Electronic documents, and
  • Location information (GPS) matched to times and dates.

Please keep in mind that there are literally thousands of models of cell phones that run on various software versions. Phones may require unique hardware and software to successfully complete the imaging process and analysis.

Business Investigations

In many ways, today’s Smart Phones are mobile computers. Employees holding company-issued phones or using personal phones for work have access to client lists, inventory data, bidding information, confidential E-mail, and even more sensitive proprietary data. Our forensic examiners can recover deleted text messages and E-mail, review appointment calendars and view Internet activity. We even have the ability to remotely locate a phone and, if necessary, delete the contents of the phone from a remote location to avoid intellectual property theft. To determine whether expense reports are being falsified, we can compare GPS time, date and location data with requests for reimbursement, activity logs, alleged client contact sheets, etc., and the evidence is irrefutable.

Domestic Investigations

Just to clear up some misconceptions, spying on a spouse’s or significant other’s mobile phone activity is generally illegal. However, if you are the legal owner of a cellular phone, it is usually within your rights to be aware of the phone’s activities. We can install and monitor activities with live GPS tracking. We can also obtain deleted text messages, E-mail, photos, video and audio recordings, multi-media messages, instant messaging and Internet activity on a telephone you own and have furnished to another party, provided there is no violation of another’s rights pursuant to “expectation of privacy.” Laws vary from state to state in this regard, and we will only proceed upon solid legal ground on your behalf.

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