Cell Phone Forensics


Cellular Telephone Forensics

There is an ever increasing need for cellular phone forensics. Employees with company issued cell phones are basically carrying hand-held computers with access to an abundance of data, including the companyís proprietary information. Since more and more companies now assign their employees cell phones and smart phones with e-mail capabilities, cell phone forensics can play a vital role in solving an investigation concerning employee misconduct or in the legal defense of a company defending itself against a discrimination or sexual harassment lawsuit.

Since different phone models (there are now over 2,500 different models of cellular phones) have their own unique functions and are manufactured by different companies, each model of phone also requires specific forensic hardware and software. The process of imaging a cellular phone varies with the brand name and model. Therefore, it is of great importance that only a forensic examiner with extensive experience imaging and examining cell phones is selected for such assignments.

A thorough forensic examination of a cell phone may result in the retrieval of deleted text messages, SMS (picture) messages, detailed call records, photos, graphics, videos, contact names and phone numbers, address books, e-mail addresses, and deleted caller ID information. Based on the type of phone, some or all of these searches may be applicable in an investigation. Diversified Risk Managementís forensic examiners works closely with its clients and their attorneys and abide by all applicable privacy and employment/labor laws

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